Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rumors of impending new product release: Shamel-bot 3000

A rumor has been circulating the blogosphere, reputed to be leaked by a highly reputable source from within the upper management of Shamel-tronics. Our source had this to say, "Let me tell you man, Shamel-tronics is all about growing your business internally. The Shamel-bot 3000 will help grow your business...internally." Domestic and foreign markets responded in shock and with mixed analysis. "Where the f were you two weeks ago, Shamel-bot 3000?" asked a clearly frustrated man wearing nothing but a pickle barrel whom asked us to disguise his identity, and who will be referred to as "The Brothers Lee, Man". Mr. Brothers LM believes the Shamel-bot 3000 will kick start the depressed markets. An alternate view point is that this product is being rushed to market in a typical altruistic Shamel-tronics fashion. Will the bugs be worked out? In light of "Black Shamel-day" in 2003, this is an especially heightened concerned. For those that have been living under a rock (that is, a regular rock, not one equipped with Shamel-vision), the 2003 release of the Shamel-bot 2000 resulted in widespread injury caused by what Shamel-tronics reps called "blatant misuse of the Shamel-bot 10.5 inch carbine shaft." Hospital emergency rooms were over run with limping women. Will a similar disaster strike again? Our source assures us that the Shamel-ized carbine shaft has been reinforced with triple-Shamelube, and that added shaft girth will ensure more equitable distribution of the aforementioned Shamel-sauce. Keep an eye out on Shamel-emporiums and Radio Shacks for this impending product release.

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