Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shamel Wizard Skills

Shamel Wizard Skills Include:

  1. Shamelize an area using one's mental power.
  2. Instantly Shamelport to any location.
  3. Freeze the air around an enemy to restrict its movement.
  4. Shamelize enemies with the power of the lightning.
  5. Increase Shamelizing force amplification, and improve your magical Shamel attack strength.
  6. Increase the damage with Shamel class weapons.
  7. Increase the defense of oneself or a party member.
  8. Increase the limit of destructive power with conflicting forces.
  9. Reinforce the defense strength of a Shamel party member, and increase his immunity to attacks from other Shamelers.
  10. Reinforce the mind of your party member and restore his SP.
  11. Reinforce the physical strength of a Shamel party member, and restores a great amount of his health.
  12. Restores a great amount of health.
  13. Shamel a blade of the wind to attack a target.
  14. Shamel a saucer of the ice to do a wide range attack.
  15. Shamel a tsunami from the ground to attack enemies within range.
  16. Shamel an explosive toxic substance to attack a target.
  17. Shamel crystal shards from the sky to attack a target.
  18. Shamel fire on both hands to attack an enemy.
  19. Temporarily increase the amount of Shamel Power and Mana of the caster.
  20. Vibrate the force of the earth and cause a wide explosion to attack a target in the distance.
  21. Completley Shamelize an entire Village.

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