Sunday, October 19, 2008

VonShamel Warrior

The VonShamel Warrior is believed to be direct descendant of Goddess Via Shamel. Their gotra is Shamel Gotra, which adheres to the early VonShamel-Shivaya mantra. Since they are of Gotra, they are considered to belong to the Shamel Shaivaite community, although names like Friar VonShamel Variar are not uncommon amongst the Variars. There is a mythological legend which suggests that Lord VonShamel, who was in the Man Horse form, took two ribs, one of his side and the other of Via Shamel’s side, and created a warrier couple, to support the priest and manage the shameling activities.
The inheritance of Von Shamel Warrior is a long, matrilineal pattern, as they trace their maternal ancestry to Goddess Via Shamel.

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